Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Year in Review -- 2014

It's been far too long since I've posted, and that will be fixed next year.  You can expect weekly posts on all things automotive, culinary, and hilarious.  Until then, though, let's recap 2014.  Lots of awesome (and less than awesome) things happened.  In no particular order, I . . .

. . . saw a ton of killer shows.  Bridges of Madison County and Honeymoon in Vegas on Broadway, the Birdland Big Band, the Dave Matthews Band (twice!), etc.

. . . was the vocal director and pianist for fabulous full-orchestra productions of Les Miserables and Into the Woods.

. . . played drums and percussion on an upcoming full-length album by Band of Lovers.  It'll be released on Valentine's Day 2015 and it sounds quite fantastic if I may say so myself!

. . . made my debut as an actor.  Well, sort of.  I appeared in several murder mystery theatre productions.  It was really fun!

. . . figured out how to make Buffalo chicken mac and cheese.

. . . actually gone to the gym on a day that wasn't Pizza Monday.

. . . bought a car!!!  For the first part of 2014, I had a 2002 VW Passat wagon (which I still have and love) and a 2010 Honda Accord sedan.  The Accord was in near-mint condition, had 90,000 highway miles, and was paid off.  I sold it to my parents in May and replaced it with a 2003 Acura 3.2CL Type-S six-speed coupe.  Why would I replace a car that would provide many more essentially "free" miles for one that is seven years older, has 40,000 more miles, and has a few quirks?  It's quite simple, really.  The Accord was (and still is) a great car that fits my parents' current needs very well, but for my needs and wants, the Acura is a better car.  It's exponentially quicker, is better-built, handles better, has a better stereo, has better seats, has more creature comforts.  That, and they only made about 3,500 of them in six-speed form, ever (not to mention only about 250 in the color combination I have).  It's really tough to drive that car and not step out with a shit-eating grin on my face.

This leads me to my next point, a point that I have been more aware of this year.  It hit me when I looked back and realized that holy shit, I'm actually 28!  Time is not an infinitely available commodity.  We only live once.  I know the "YOLO" saying is incredibly cliché, but it really, truly applies.  It relates to the car topic in that, if I wanted to, I could drive my Accord for the next ten years and spend next to nothing in upkeep.  I chose not to, because the Acura is a car that I genuinely WANTED and a car that I genuinely ENJOY and feel proud of.  Yes, I will probably spend a bit more to maintain it.  Rational?  Not so much.  Worth it?  Absolutely.

With that in mind, my largest resolution for 2015 is to LIVE and LIVE PROFOUNDLY.  More specifically . . .

1.  Go to the gym even more regularly than I did in 2014 and take care of myself.
2.  Reign in the fast food and bust out of my comfort zone when it comes to cooking and eating.
3.  Update this blog on a weekly basis and possibly touch on the topics I blog about on an upcoming YOUTUBE CHANNEL!
4.  Finally write and publish the music method book series I have been wanting to write for quite some time now.
5.  Publish, copyright, record, and sell some of my concert band music (and other music).
6.  Practice a musical instrument every day and actually PRACTICE it.
7.  Spend quality time with friends and family on a regular basis, and stay in touch with those that I don't see regularly.
8.  Travel somewhere cool (or warm)!
9.  Learn a new musical theatre score or rock album every week.
10.  Engage in rewarding and fulfilling musical, artistic, and personal engagements, and stop pursuing those which are neither rewarding nor fulfilling, or that consume inordinate amounts of time beyond what they are worth.

So there it is.  Have a safe, happy, and healthy 2015, everyone.  And for the love of everything sacred (and not-so-sacred), please don't drink and drive tonight (or ever for that matter).